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Safety Notice

No one is allowed on the river or in the pool until told to do so by a coach.
All paddlers must sign in prior to entering the river or going into the pool hall.


Any event organised/sanctioned by the committee will automatically cover club member for insurance purposes. The club also has public liability insurance to cover non-paddlers & members of the public on the river bank attending a club event .
Any member using the river at any other time than an organised club event, will not be covered by the club insurance even if a coach is present.
Alternatively if members have individual membership of British Canoeing this may give them insurance cover, depending on the activity involved. If none of the above apply it is advisable that some sort of personal insurance is organised by the individuals concerned.
It should be noted that kayaking and canoeing are assumed risk water contact sports, that may carry attendant risks. Club members should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

Complaints procedure

In the event of anyone wishing to complain about issues appertaining to the running of the canoe club, they can do so to any member of the committee or any coach verbally or in writing. This will be noted and brought up at a committee meeting to be resolved. If the complaint is in regard to programme content, procedures whilst on the water and most importantly any safety issue, please contact either the chairman or the coaching officer direct, when the problem will be dealt with immediately.
If you don't tell us your problems, we cannot help to resolve them.

Caring for the Environment

By following the simple steps below you can ensure your presence is not detrimental to the environment:

Leave the environment as you find it.
Find out about the area before you go, noting its sensitive places, species and breeding seasons.
Leave no trace of your visit and take your litter home with you.
Unload kit tidily.
Keep noise to a minimum.
Take care not to cause damage when launching or landing along natural banks. Float your canoe for launching and lift out when landing.
Where possible keep to any designated paths or launching points.
Gravel banks may contain fish spawn – avoid paddling over them in low water conditions.
Paddle at a distance and in a manner to minimise any disturbance to wildlife.
Be aware of Environment Agency information to help protect the fresh water environment when using canoes and equipment overseas.

Canoeist Code of Conduct

We also encourage all our members to follow the Canoeist code of Conduct:

Be friendly and polite to local residents.
Drive SLOWLY with care and consideration.
Park sensibly without causing an obstruction.
Unload kit tidily.
Get changed out of public view.
Get permission before going onto private property.
Be considerate to other water users.
Avoid being an intrusion on local life.
Support local businesses if you can.
Say thank you for any help you receive.

Club Policies

All of our club policies can be found on our downloads page