A busy weekend!

It has been another busy weekend with the Ancholme River Festival (ARF) on Saturday, Brigg Bomber quadrathlon on Sunday morning, and the Ancholme Rowing Club (ARC)’s 150th Anniversary BBQ on Sunday Afternoon.

Ancholme River Festival

We had a great day for this year’s Ancholme River Festival with 90 people trying kayak, canoe or paddleboard and 25 trying rowing!

Thanks to all the coaches and helpers from both GSCC and ARC for making this another successful event.

For GSCC there were many helpers: Coaching on the water we had Martin, Iain, Neil, Steve, Dan, Gerry and Graham. On the market stall handing out leaflets, on the river bank at the registration desk, or on the water helping the coaches, were Sally, Janine, Gail, Michelle, Hannah, Matt, Caitlin, Ellie, Izzie, Annabel, Honey, Nicole and Tom. sorry if I have missed anyone! We swapped jobs during the day, all except Michelle, who spent all day on the Market stall. That’s hard work: I know because I (Martin) did the morning! Michelle and her son Shane joined us after last year’s festival when Shane had a try, so it’s good to see a year later we have committed members as a result of the festival!

Hannah, Matt, Caitlin, Ellie and Izzy.
Click here for a few more photos of the festival. (members of the public in the photos have consented).

Brigg Bomber Quadrathlon

On Sunday Morning we provided safety cover for the swim and kayak sections of the Brigg Bomber Quadrathlon. Caitlin let out the swimmers with Steve following up the rear. Along the route were Dan, Iain and Gerry. For the kayak leg, Martin followed the last kayaker and Jim and Nicole were at the turn.

This year we had a few members competing. Our very own coaching officer Neil Marley, did the kayak section as part of a ladies team (??), We don’t know where they finished just yet. Other club member/ex members (who are also Lincsquad members) and who did all four disciplines, were Peter Chappill (26th),  Kev Lovett (27th), Andrew Lawson (28th) and Lee Portess (36th). I think we had a few other members as part of teams (Dawn Chappill for one) but at the time of writing I cannot find a full results sheet so sorry if I have missed anyone.

Steve Burnett follows after the swimmers. Two dropped out but did not need assistance getting back.
Caitlin Marley leads the swimmers out to the railway bridge and back (1500m)

Ancholme Rowing Club 150th Anniversary BBQ

We had a great day at the Rowing Club’s 150th anniversary BBQ on Sunday 27th May! We had left all our boats and boards there after the river festival the day before and we made good use of them. The kids (and adults!) had lost of fun on the water! Martin and Sally had a go at rowing.

We finished the day with a round-the-Island race! Jim Copson was rowing for ARC and Neil Marley was kayaking for GSCC. They set off in opposite directions and unfortunately in the excitement no one on the bank started a stop watch! (Neil said he was around 26 minutes on his). Jim was first back and Neil was less than a minute behind, though of course he had already raced in the Brigg Bomber in the morning while Jim had all morning to relax and prepare!!

For all the photos of the BBQ click here

Jim Copson for ARC just gets to the line first after a 3 mile race.
Neil Marley for GSCC finishes a close second, but had already raced 7km in the morning!