Hasler Marathon Dates

The dates for the Hasler Club Marathon Series 2018 are:

Brigg 1 (our own event)          Sunday 22.04.18
Malton                                     Sunday 06.05.18
Derwent                                  Sunday 10.06.18
Calder 2                                  Saturday 14.07.18
Final (Norwich)                       Sunday 30.09.18

The Hasler 2019 Series also starts this calendar year and the three dates are:

Calder 1                                  Sunday 23.09.18
Wolfreton                                Sunday 07.10.18
Brigg 2 (our own event)          Sunday 21.10.18

Other notable dates are:

Norwich (for practice!)            Sunday 20.05.18
Nottingham (out of region)      Sunday 20.05.18
Lincoln (out of region)             Sunday 09.09.18

Our club colours are now published in the 2018 Canoe Sprint & Marathon Handbook!

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