Tv and Music Licences in our Boathouse

TV Licence

We are registered with TV Licensing as not needing a TV licence for our large screen TV in the boathouse, which means we cannot watch television on it. There is however a change in the law that we need to be aware of:

We will need a licence if  anyone  watches or downloads any TV service such as the BBC iplayer on any device if it is plugged into our mains!

If the device (tablet of phone) is not plugged in then we don’t need a licence, so please do not charge your device while watching iplayer.

Music Licence

We currently do not have a music licence issued by PPL/PRS (who look after artist royalties), so for the rules are:

  • You can listen to music on your phone/tablet or on our TV (Music DVD) if wearing earphones or headphones, regardless of how many people are in the boathouse.
  • You can listen to music on your phone/tablet or on our TV (Music DVD) through external speakers only if you are the only person in the boathouse
  • So at the moment, when training, we cannot use external speakers for music or the TV for music DVDs if there is more than one person in the boathouse.

We are currently investigated the cost of a music licence.

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