Manvers Confirmed Results

To see the confirmed Manvers marathon results with points and promotions, click here.

You can see above that GSCC got the most Hasler points.

Change to Hasler Points system

Those who have raced in previous Hasler seasons will have spotted the points system has changed. The national Marathon Racing Committee (MRC) has decided to change the system of Hasler Point allocation.

The system will now allocate 50 points per seat for a win, as opposed to the previous 20. Points will fall by one per place as currently, up to the cut-off of 110% of the race winner’s time, after which all finishers receive 1 point. Other rules relating to point scoring remain unchanged. (the 110% rule is why Neil Marley only got 1 point for finishing second in div 5)

The change is designed to encourage paddlers to continue to race for club points in bigger races (i.e. where there are more than 20 starters)