Please note that all pool start times have been moved forward 15 minutes because of the Leisure Centre closing at 7:30pm. Start times are now:

5:00 instead of 5:15
5:50 instead of 6:05
6:40 instead of 6:55

We finish at 7:30

Please acknowledge you have received the time change by commenting on the same message on Facebook or by emailing publicity@gscc-online.com

On the night:

  • Please arrive early enough to get changed and be poolside 5 mins before your session start time.
  • Leisure Centre staff will be wearing masks, but the wearing of masks in the cafe area or poolside by GSCC is voluntary.
  • The pool changing rooms are open as normal with no covid restrictions in place.
  • Please wear tee shirt and shorts over you swim wear, with bare feet.
  • Nose clips can be worn if you wish. Because of covid, coaches will not be lending out their own nose clips as in previous years.
  • Please note that we do not use buoyancy aids in the pool. Pool lifeguards are in attendance as well as plenty of coaches.
  • We cannot guarantee you will have the same boat as on the river. We can only store a limited number of boats in the pool area and these have to be thoroughly cleaned before use.
  • If you are spectating, please do not take photographs or videos on your smart phone, or with a camera, without gaining permission from the Leisure Centre and GSCC. There may be paddlers in the background of your shot who do not wish their photos to be taken that you are not aware of.
  • That’s the boring rules. The main rule is Have Fun!