Club Marathon 17th July 2021

Glorious weather saw a hardy bunch of paddlers take to the water for the Club Marathon.

Races of 5, 3 and 1.5 km in blistering heat with lots of weed to negotiate saw some exceptional performances.

In the 5 km race Lydia left the opposition dead in the water.

Connor was due to do the 3 km race but was going so well he decided to keep going and came in 2nd over 5 km.

Shirley and Van managed their first ever event in plastic boats and did a good job of clearing weed across the width of the river!

Tom also helped by ploughing up most of the weed on the front of his boat.
After the event we had a relaxing time trying different craft.  Phillip, Shirley and Van all tried their hands at Tempests (pointy boats) with varying degrees of success.

 The full results are:-


Lydia                          37:35

Connor                      42:20

Phillip                         44:38 (Sea Kayak)

Tom                            48:02


Ellen                           29:37

Dave and Katie        33:25  (C2)


Edward                     15:50 (Lightning)

Shirley                       24:30 (Plastic)

Van                             24:36 (Plastic)

 A big thanks to all who helped on and off the water.