Marathon News

Training Re-starts Saturday 10th April

Government covid guidelines permitting, marathon sessions re-start on Saturday 10th April, 2:00 pm on the water. At the moment these sessions are for experienced paddlers, in groups of 6 including the coach.

Book through Gail as usual, by email ( or through our Facebook page FriendsOfGSCC

Clothing Recommendations:

This time of year the water temperature will still be cold so we recommend suitable clothing to worn for paddling on the river.

1. The minimum for paddling is long trousers and one or more tops (one with long sleeves). Under garment fleeces are good. We recommend manmade fibres rather than cotton as they are not so absorbent, and definitely not jeans. You should also wear a cagoule over the top (to keep wind chill down). A warm hat should be worn if it is cold.
2. Alternatively, you can wear a shorty wetsuit (short arms and legs) with track suit trousers and long sleeve top, cagoule and hat as above.
3. Next best option is a full wet suit, with over clothes as above.
4. The ideal solution are dry trousers and dry cagoule top or complete dry suit but these are expensive.
5. Footwear is to be worn at all times, these may be old trainers, or ideally wet boots or wet shoes.

We will not be intentionally make you get wet but due to the nature of the sport you may capsize, so please bring a towel and a change of clothes. Please be aware that our changing rooms are still closed and that the leisure centre may not be open until Monday 12th April

Marathon Rankings

In preparation for the new season, we need to check that everyone has the correct marathon ranking.  If you think that you are currently in the wrong division  (eg you have been promoted at an event and feel that this is not correct) please contact me  ( within-in the next two weeks so that I can get your ranking changed on the national lists.

Graham (disciplines officer)