Marathon – Marathon – Marathon!

We are going to Lincoln on Saturday 25th September

Come and join us.

The next Marathon race within striking distance of Brigg is at Lincoln on 25th September. 

Yes it really is on a Saturday (not Sunday)

This event is suitable for all abilities of marathon paddler.  Juniors who have completed at least THREE of our novice sessions should be able to do the 2.5km Geoff Sanders Trophy race.

All races start and finish on the Brayford Pool in the centre of Lincoln.  The course includes the Fosse Dyke Navigation & Upper Witham. 

Divisions 1, 2 and 3 Singles. Division 2 and 3 Doubles.  12 Miles – 3 Turns.

Divisions 4, 5 and 6 Singles. Division 4,5 and 6 Doubles. 8 Miles – 3 Turns.

Divisions 7, 8 & 9 Singles. Division 7,8 and 9 Doubles. 4 Miles – 1 Turn.

Geoff Sanders Trophy.  3 1/2 Brayford Laps (2500m)

To enter Divisions 1 to 6 you must be an individual British Canoeing member. 

Any club member can compete in Divisions 7 to 9 as you all have Associate Membership of BC.

Entries to the Geoff Sanders Trophy are governed by age and type of boat.

Division C is restricted to under-12s (as of 1st January 2021) who paddle Lightnings (Our yellow plastic junior racing boats)

Division B is for under-12s in any type of boat.

Division A is for under-14s (as of 1st January 2021) and any boat can be used.

If you have never done a marathon before and are over 14, I will enter you in Division 9 (unless you are VERY good).

Junior races will start at 10:30 am with the Seniors following from about 11:30.

All entries must be made through our club in advance and the cost is £10 for the main races and £5 for the Junior races.

Prizes go to the first, second and third places.

This event counts toward the number of events you need to complete to take part in the National Hasler Finals next September.

If you would like to join us, I need the following ASAP. 

·        Name;  Gender; Age (including DOB for those entering the junior races).

·        British Canoeing membership number for full BC members

·        Division you wish to enter

·        Type of boat (K1; K2; C2 or Lightning)

·        Do you want to borrow any club equipment?  Boat (which); paddles; buoyancy aid. 

·        Your entry fee.

Reply to this email or see me at the Club.

So!  Come on and give it a try!

It will be great practice for our own event in October.

Graham (Disciplines Officer)