Club paddlers post excellent results in Sprint/Marathon event.

England may have not won the football but our club members all gave their best performances on Sunday.

The club hosted a regional event and welcomed paddlers from Malton, Manvers and Pennine, plus some independents.

All our club paddlers put in excellent performances.

  • Our three juniors completed a 500m sprint before going on to race hard for 3km.  By the end of the race, Charles had overtaken some adults who started over 2 minutes earlier.  Edward and Matilda fought out a close finish.  Comments were made about their excellent paddling styles and we can look forward to their increased success as they get a bit older.
  • In the 5km race Lydia (who also did the 500m sprint) and Martin had a wash hanging battle with first one then the other in the lead.  Lydia eventually beat Martin by 8 seconds with Sue close behind.  Andrew started almost 12 minutes after the main pack but battled hard and produced a time which would have put him just in front of Sue.  Phillip (one of our newest members) joined in his sea kayak and put in a creditable performance (we will get him in a marathon boat yet!). 
  • Wayne (Division 7) entered the 10km event which included a portage and managed to beat Paul from Malton (who was in division 5 last season) by 41 seconds.

A big Thank You! to all who made this event a success either on the bank or on the water.

Full Results

500m Sprints          

Leon Tomlinson                  1:55

Paul Roebuck                      2:23

Lydia Heath-Sargent         2:50

Martin and Mandy C2      2:57

Charles Thew – Junior       3:00

Matilda Thew – Junior       3:42

Edward Scales – Junior     3:56

Junior 3km

Charles Thew                       23:20

Matilda Thew                      29:25

Edward Scales                     29:57


Ian Tomlinson                     35:47

TeeJae Frear                        36:20

Lydia Heath-Sargent         36:50

Martin Heywood                36:58

Andrew Lawson                 37:27

Sue Simpkin                         37:28

Phillip Green                        46:03

Bredan Stafford                  46:11

Sarah Haughton                 49:29

Gareth Huston                    54:35

10km – one portage

Matt Holmes                        67:26

Wayne Smith                       69:04

Paul Roebuck                      69:45

Graham Ford                       75:38

Martin and Mandy C2      77:01

15km – two portages

Leon Tomlinson                  88:22

Regards, Graham