Wolfreton Marathon 2019 report and photos

Yes Tom, that was hard work!

Tom’s expression below sums up most people’s thoughts after the gruelling Wolfreton Marathon today. It was certainly the hardest I (Martin) have paddled in my short marathon racing career, and I only had to do 4 miles, Tom had to do 8!

Near constant rain and strong winds, a lot of weed “Islands” and a strong flow faced the paddlers, and the meandering nature of the river meant you had to contend head, side and back winds within a few 100 metres. I found controlling even my stable boat tricky, getting blown towards the bank frequently, and even having no effective rudder around the sharp bends due to the cross-winds. And on the way back we had the flow to contend with. I was sure I was towing a branch snagged on my rudder all the way back!

Considering the weather it was a good turnout from Yorkshire region clubs, but unfortunately we could on put out 6 paddlers so may have slipped to third behind Malton (I don’t have the official results yet).

Well done to me(!), Tom Shoulder, Graham & Sue Simpkin, Wayne Smith and Alexander Riley. We had a some first and seconds in various divisions, details with the results in a later post because I can’t even remember only 6 placings! (except my own, of course, 2nd out of 4 in div 8).

For all the prize presentation photos click here

For some photos on the water at the start and finish taken by David Riley click here