Boathouse Improvements Progressing

During the winter months our Buildings Officer, Dan Snow, have been working hard to improve our storage facilities in the boathouse (including working all day last Saturday!). Here is a list of just some of the improvements I noticed on Saturday afternoon. I’m sure there are a lot more!

  • Racks and boats have been rearranged to make room for our new fleet of sit-on tops and SUPs
  • New helmet rack
  • End stops and straps fitted to the racing boat racks so we can get them off the trailer and on the wall racks
  • New trophy shelf
  • Rearranged kitchen area
  • New storage cupboards
  • Maintenance job board
  • Designated storage for coaches equipment and boats

and outside:

  • Relaying the kerb at the car park entrance
  • Removing fallen branches on our access road

So thanks to Dan for his efforts.

We still need a permanent solution to storing the two new Katakanus (which are big!) They are currently both on the marathon trailer, but that is not an ideal solution. They really need their own dedicated storage trolley, to store one above the other, and a method to get them in and out of the water without breaking our backs would be good! If you are able help with this, please get in touch with Dan.