New Slalom Season

A message from our slalom rep, Dan Snow:

Hi all,

Although looking out the window to views of snow drifts and gale force winds the last thing any of us are thinking of is paddling around poles in wet pointy boats, the new canoe slalom season is upon us!

Canoe slalom is a great way of keeping fit, meeting new people and just getting out on the water. Courses vary from easy to expert so there is something for everyone. Please follow the link for more info

Any body interested in taking part should speak to one of the GSCC coaches or myself (slalom rep).

For those members who have taken part previously and are in division 3 or above and wish to compete again this year you MUST apply for your own personal bib at  If you attend a race without your own bib the points you earn from each race may not be allocated to you ! (PLEASE NOTE THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO OUR OWN SLALOM EVENT ON THE ANCHOLME) if you have any queries please speak to one of the GSCC coaches or myself (slalom rep)..

To help with applying for  your bib I have listed below the name, division, category and bib number for all of the current GSCC members who have been allocated a bib number by British Canoeing for the new season. .

C1 M;

Neil Marley div2 M bib 29.

Julian Selby div3 S bib 32.

K1 M;

Neil Marley div2 M bib120.

Tom Shoulder div3 J16 bib 123.

Matt Millington div3 S bib 179.

Mikey Thornber div3 J16 bib 195.

Dan Snow div3 M bib 203.

K1 W;

Caitlin Marley div2 J16 bib 66.

Jamelia Snow div2 J14 bib 81.

Rebecca Selby div3 J14 bib 38.

Hanna Senior div3 bib J14 89.

Alisha Hedison div3  bib J14 100.

Nicole Allison div4 bib J12 N/A

When applying  for a bib you will also need to provide the competitors  British Canoeing membership number, if you are not a member of BCU and wish to be so membership starts from £27 per year for a youth, family memberships etc are also available Please speak to a GSCC coach if you have any queries.

I will put up a notice of upcoming events in the boat house so watch out and I will try and arrange  some slalom gate training shortly on the Ancholme for those interested,  if you would like to attend any of these please let me know.

Kind regards and good luck to all participants, Dan (GSCC slalom rep).

Dan thought it would be amusing to advertise slalom with this photo from 2008 of one of our coaches showing how NOT to do it! (can you guess who?).
I’d rather show a photo of paddlers who CAN do it, as shown below!
Neil and Caitlin Marley the right way up!

Some of our paddlers celebrating their medal successes last season. This could be YOU this season!

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