Yorkshire Hasler Winners and Autumn Event Dates

It has been confirmed that we have won the Yorkshire Region Hasler Marathon series! We will be awarded the Trophy at the Calder Pennine Marathon on 10th September (2018 season). We will have photos of the presentation in a future email.

Details of this, and other marathon and slalom events in the next two months, can be found below. If you are interested in participating in any of these event, please contact Neil Marley for more details. The 2018 Hasler marathon series starts at the Calder marathon and new racers are always welcome. Don’t forget that throughout September we have racing training on a Tuesday evening after the main session. (approx 7:00pm start)

We are of course attending the Hasler final in London on September 23rd, but only paddlers who have raced in enough qualifying events can race in the final.

Details of future club events, including the end of river season fancy dress paddle, will be announced later..

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