Tanfield Photos

You can now view all our photos and videos from our Tanfield moving Water Weekend at Sleningford Mill online (you don’t need Facebook).

For Rachel Marley’s photos:
Photos from runs through the stopper can be viewed by clicking here
General Saturday and Sunday photos can be viewed by clicking here

For Martin Heywood’s photos and videos:
Photos of groups can be viewed by clicking  here
More Saturday photos can be viewed by clicking here
More Sunday photos can be viewed by clicking here
A few videos can be viewed by clicking here

All photos can also be viewed on our Facebook page. www.facebook.com/FriendsOfGSCC.

If you visit our facebook page, don’t forget to “like it”, then you will get all the latest posts on your newsfeed. If you want me to tag you in photos, because our page is linked to my account, you’ll have to be my friend, so send me a friends request (https://www.facebook.com/martin.heywood1)

Downloading Details

In any of the above albums, photos can be viewed full screen one at a time or via a slideshow. For the slideshow option click on the “more options” button (3 vertical dots top right) and select “slideshow”. From the “more options” button you can also download individual photos or the whole album, depending on whether you are viewing a photo or an album.

Got a Memory Stick?

All the photos and videos will be on our club laptop in the boathouse at the club marathon on Sunday and any Tuesday of Thursday session. If you want to get copies of your favourite photos without taking the time to download them, please bring your own memory stick.

Got any photos or videos?

If you have any good photos or videos you want adding to our Facebook page/website, please bring them on a memory stick to the boathouse, but please sort out the rubbish ones first!

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