Moving Water Weekend Photos

A few photos from this weekend are now on our Facebook page, but there are lots to sort this year so the rest will be on our Facebook page and website soon. If you have photos or videos you would like me to include please send me your email address and I will send you back a Dropbox link to upload them too. Alternatively, bring them to the river on a memory stick this Tuesday or Thursday. Please do a preliminary edit, removing blurred and duplicates.

We had another brilliant weekend at Tanfield with 38 paddlers on the water, including the coaches! Thanks to all who helped make this weekend a success: that is all the coaches, my caterers, family and Friends. and of course the paddlers. Below are two group photos I took to be looking at while I sort the rest, which may take some time!

So in no particular order, these members had fun this weekend: Tom Shoulder, Maddy Heeney, Kristian Willis, Kelly and Lydia Heath-Sargent, Max and Millie Ibbotson, Fred Pattinson-Lea, Ryan Dawson, Sonia Dorzdowska, Isabelle and Beinn Roberts, Nicole Allison, Gerry, Matt and Izzy Parker, Mikey Thornber, Kate Percival, Dan and Jamelia Snow, Steve, Alisha and, Lily Mae Hedison, Julian, Rebecca Selby and Josh Selby, Macey Hill, Nicki Broughton, Sam Thirkell, Neil and Caitlin Marley, Martin Heywood, Iain, Frankie, Callum and Amelia Cameron, Steve Burnett, Sian Mitchell. If I’ve missed anyone please let Martin Heywood know.

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