Moving Water Day, Saturday 12th September

Our next Moving Water Day is on Saturday 12th September!

Our next moving water day is Saturday 12th September, starting at 10:30 am. at Sleningford Mill, River Ure, North Yorkshire.

There is no cost to club members for the coaching or the use of club kit (first-come-first-served for kit), other than your fuel costs and any accommodation costs. It is just over an hours drive from Scunthorpe, so it can be done as a day trip.

This is the same venue as the event we ran last Easter, which was really popular. You can see photos here and here showing the venue and the fun we had!

We sometimes call this a whitewater day, and you may hear the coaches saying that, but please do not be put off by the word “whitewater”! This day is open to all paddlers who are comfortable wearing a spraydeck and have demonstrated they can capsize wearing one. Please talk to a coach if you are unsure of your, or your child’s, suitability to attend. Please note also that this river can rise quickly after heavy rain in which case it can be unsuitable for beginners, so we cannot guarantee that you will be able to paddle (though usually the problem is not enough water!). It is at the coaches discretion whether paddling will take place or not and their decision is final.

If you are going, why not make a weekend of it? Sleningford Mill is a caravan and campsite right next to the moving water section of the river. Some of us will be going up Friday night and leaving Sunday morning (no club paddling on Sunday morning though), so book a pitch now! Please book your pitch direct with the campsite:

And finally, if you are attending, please remember to add your name to the list in our boathouse and tick the box for any club kit you wish to borrow. It is the borrower’s responsibility to transport the kit they borrow, including boats, to the venue (or arrange the transport of it).

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