Howsham Weir Slalom and more Flat Water Paddle photos

First of all, a big “well done” to all our paddlers who participated at the Kingston Kayak Club moving water slalom at Howsham Weir, some competing for the first time. They all did really well.

All our competitors won medals. You can see who they are in the photo above, starting left to right, back row:Frazer Doyle:1st J18 div 4 Saturday and 3rd div4 Sunday,
Koren Doyle: 1st J14 Div 4 (promoted) Saturday and 1st div 3 Sunday
Owen Kelly: 1st J18 div 4 (promoted) Saturday

Front row:

Ellie Beedham: 1st J10 div 4 Saturday
Caitlin Marley: 1st J18 div 3 Saturday and Sunday (Caitlin is J12 but beat everyone up to J18, hence the J18 tag)
Sam Kelly: 1st J12 div 4 (promoted) Sunday

Photographs can now be viewed and  downloaded

More photos from the event can now be viewed on our club Website gallery and on our Facebook page.

On our website, all the photo albums can be seen by browsing to our website and clicking on the “Gallery” tab, where you can see all the photos from previous events we have run. Or, to go straight to them:

For medal winners click here
For the paddling action click here

Flat Water Paddle Photos

There are also some more photos of the recent flat water paddle on the River Ancholme to view. These were taken by John Heeney from the bank. To view them click here (they are on Facebook too)

Downloading Details

From the gallery, photos can be viewed full screen, and downloaded at 1600×900 resolution. If you want any in higher resolution, please email Martin at

On Facebook, go to our page and scroll down the time line, or look in “photos”, then “albums”. Photos can downloaded at 2048×1152 resolution by right clicking and then “save image (or target) as..” If you want any in higher resolution, please email Martin at

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