Marathon Training Saturday 25 Nov & winter clothing

Marathon training is on this Saturday at 2:00pm

Normal fees apply: £6 for your first session of the week and £2 for your second or third. 

As is the norm this time of year there will be a river inspection before training starts so it may be cancelled at short notice.

Winter Clothing: What to Wear

Now that the air and water are getting colder it is important to make sure you have the right kit. Shorts and tee-shirt are NOT adequate. You need at least a complete layer over legs and arms and should consider a windproof layer.

My minimum winter kit is long sleeved base layer, tee-shirt ; long legged base layer underneath joggers for the bottom.

On my feet I wear aqua shoes but at this time of year I normally wear socks as well (wetboots are an option).

In addition I will consider wearing a shorty windproof or full cagoule top if it is cold, windy or rainy; poggies (paddle mitts) if it gets too cold. Sue has made some thin windproof poggies which are quite cheap if you require some. Avoid lined poggies – these will get too warm but will also hold a lot of water if they get wet.

And don’t forget a warm hat!

I would advise against wetsuits as these can cause you to overheat and chafe under the arms. They are only really fully effective when wet.

Don’t forget to have warm clothing to change into at the end. During Saturday sessions we will always have access to warm drinks at the club shed.