Change to last session in February

We are changing February’s pool sessions slightly so that we can do something a bit different for those who have probably got all they can get out of normal sessions.

For the LAST SESSION only (6:50 to 7:30) for the whole month, we will be putting on: Introduction to Canoe Polo

We are limited to what we can do at Brigg, for instance, we cannot use normal hard polo balls, and we will not be using our polo boats, so in summary:

  • The session is aimed at experienced paddlers. If you are interested, please let us know but we may have to disappoint if we do not think you are ready yet.
  • Booking is by person at the pool on Saturday evening with full payment for the month. February is a 5 week month so that is £25. You will have to pay for all 5 weeks even if you have to miss a week, the nature of the course means we won’t be able to re-sell your place.
  • We will be limited to 12 boats in the water but we may let more people attend if demand is high, in which case there will be time out the boats.
  • Emphasis will be on the rules of polo and boat handling and passing skills.
  • We are using the boats already in the pool.
  • We will be using soft balls (beach ball type).
  • There will be no contact and no pushing.

For more information please contact our coaching officer, Steve Burnett