GSCC players guest for GreenStar

“Sam Kelly and Alexander Riley got a last minute call and asked if they could help Green Star Canoe Club in a Kayak Polo tournament in York last Saturday night 9th November. Both were happy to accept the challenge and duly turned up at just before 4 o’clock at a pool in York.
Sam and Alexander played all of the four – fourteen minute matches for the Green Star team and although it was their first time playing competitively, they bid not disgrace themselves!! The University teams at the event were all extremely competitive and so a 1:1 draw against the Sheffield team, who had a full complement of substitutes, was well deserved and a fitting reward for the nights efforts. I think both lads are now wondering if a GSCC team could be pulled together?
On hearing the outcome of the event Dan Snow, our slalom coach, praised the lads for entering their first competitive polo competition and wondered also if anyone else is interested in canoe polo? If there are any of our paddlers who are interested in finding out more, then a reply to this post or a mention at bookings desk will be followed up.” David Riley