Oct 12

We have a couple of updates to make to our pool update. The changes are in red below.

Dress Code

Please remember to wear a swimming costume and tee shirt and shorts when participating in one of our pool sessions. This applies to boys and girls, children and adults. This saves any potential embarrassment! Thanks for your cooperation.


All children under sixteen (not 18) participating in one of our pool sessions (or river session) must have a parent or guardian staying in attendance. The guardian can be a designated other parent (obviously with their consent). Please do not drop off your children and leave them unattended.

Social Night

Because the pool is over subscribed, it may be a month or even two before to get to see your friend in the club. Why not pop down to the pool on Saturday night when you are not paddling? We can congregate in the cafe area for a chat (They’ve a nice new coffee machine) or sit and watch the sessions or even swim in the small pool (still open to the public. Leisure Centre charges apply, I think). Maybe even a trip to the pup after!


Clarification on pool bookings:

  • We are now taking bookings for December. Members who have not paddled yet will come before those that have already done so in October.
  • Bookings for January will open in mid November. More details will be announced later.

To book, please do so personally at the pool during one of our sessions (Saturday evening from 5:00pm)

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