Jan 12

Our Annual General Meeting is in February. For more details click here:

Dates for our events for 2017 are released. For more details click here:

Results from our 2016 events are available. For more details click here:

Membership Fees are due for 2017. For more details click here:

Our new booking number is 07759 623258

Jan 12
You can see a full list of all 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed paddlers for our club marathon, sprint, slalom, and polo, and also see who our overall champions are, by clicking here

Don’t forget you can view and download photos of our prize presentation by clicking here

Below are some new photos of presentations to people who received their medals and plates after we published the main set of photos (these are now in the main presentation photo album too)..

Ellie Beedham:
Marathon Lightning 1st
Slalom Junior F: 2nd
Sprint Junior F 3rd
Anabel Taylor:
Marathon Junior F 1st
Nicole Allison:
Sprint Junior F 2nd
Alison Cooksey:
Club Champion Adult F
Slalom Senior F 1st
Marathon Senior Female 1st

Jan 9
Below are the weekend event dates so far for 2017. You can view these dates, and all our river and pool dates up to the end of this summer’s river sessions, on our calendar by clicking here. Further weekends and trips may be added later.To view weekend events only, click. here

With both the above links, you can view the calendar in week, month or agenda view. Agenda view only displays dates with something on. Note you may need to adjust the date range to see all events.

Jan 2
It was a brilliant New Year paddle today and a fantastic turnout! Thanks to the 34 paddlers and coaches who took part: Alison, Nicole, Rebecca, Alisha, Steve, William, Vicky, Issy, Tom, John, Matthew, Matt, Cath, Eric, Lucy, Anya, Holly, Dan, Sally, Gerry, Robin, Janine, Pete, Mikey, Kev, Rachel, Garry, Keelie, Iain, Martin, Julian, Zandra, Neil and Jess!

Photos can now be viewed full screen by clicking here (please let me know if the link doesn’t work)

All photos can also be viewed on our Facebook page. www.facebook.com/FriendsOfGSCC

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