Jan 9

Membership Fees

Fee for 2016 are now due. Cost is £10 for the year for individual membership and £30 for the year for family membership. Family membership is for 4 people and can include 1 or 2 adults living in the same household. Children must be under 18.

Members Handbook

Our Members Handbook for 2016 can be downloaded by clicking here. If you want to print it, it is designed to be printed double sided on A4 paper as an A5 booklet. You printer setting to do this may vary, but for Hewlett Packard printers set to A4, Portarit, Left Hand Edge Booklet, Double Sided Printing.

You can install it as a book on your iphone or android device so you can take it with you!

Please let me know of any errors, then a limited supply of printed books will be made available at he pool.

Jan 4

Ergo Nights

We are re-starting our weekly Ergo nights in our boathouse! Come along from 6:00 pm and join in the fun! See you Tuesday!!

British Canoeing Facebook Page

One of our photos has been used by British Canoeing to feature in their 12 Days of Christmas Facebook Campaign. Click here to see it.