Jun 25

National Div 4 Provisonal Dates:

27-Oct-2012 – Stockport 16:00-20:00

17-Nov-2012 – York 17:00-21:30

12 Jan 2013- Derby 17:00-21:30

23 Feb 2013 – York 17:00-21:30

23 Mar 2013 – Stoke Fenton Manor 17:00-21:30

06 Apr 2013 – York 17:00-21:30

Jun 25

Jun 25

Calder2 Marathon

Jun 11

Congratulations to the Stingrays, winning div 3 in Liverpool. Below is a report by our polo rep Robert Petchey:

Liverpool International

When we arrived at Liverpool on the Saturday ready to play I went over to the captains briefing. Upon the discussion they decided that this year was going to be different in class 3/ 4 whereas we are normally entered into class 4 we were to play people in both leagues to position us in two mini leagues.

We were then given the games to play on Saturday and we won with the following scores:

Stingrays 7

Jun 11

Jun 10
Club Polo Tournament, 101th June 2012
After a lot of prep work including new goals and lines and clearing of the bank was done prior to the tournament, I would like to thank Pete Keel and Iain Cameron for clearing club side of the river bank and Ian Parkin, Daniel Walker, Steve and Shaun
Burnett for clearing up the other side.
During the day we had four teams all split as follows:

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Robert Petchey

Jess Robinson

Ben Havercoft

Aaron Wright

Shaun Burnett

Daniel Walker

Steve Burnett

Craig Bee- Manvers

Julian Selby

Sian Mitchell

Gareth Jones