Mar 14

Following on from our recent report on our polo team’s successes at York, you can now look at some videos of the action by clicking here, and some team photos by clicking here.

Mar 12
Last weekend, the 3rd March, our canoe polo team (Glanford and Scunthorpe Anchovies) attended their third tournament at Yearsley Pool in York and they had a great evening winning every game they played!

Their first match was against Wharfe Ducks and for Caitlin Swaby, it was her debut match. They won this game 5-2 with the goal scorers being: Ian, Wayne, Aaron and Mikey (x2). The next game was played against Sheffield Uni who they beat 4-1 with Ian scoring 1, Mikey scoring 1 and Owen scoring 2 goals. After having a talk about tactics between the team they went into the next game with their game plan. Playing against Northumbria: Ian scored 2; Graham scored his first goal, since starting this season; Wayne scored 1 and Aaron scoring 1 leaving the final score being 5-1. The toughest game of the tournament came next, playing against Hull University’s team. The Anchovies were struggling a lot within the first half with the score being 1-0 down. They soon turned that around winning 2-1 within the second half with Mikey and Ian scoring the two goals taking them to victory. Their final game of the night was against EY Otters. Ian scored, Wayne scored and Aaron scored 2 goals resulting in a 4-1 victory.

Overall it was a great night for the Anchovies, pictured below. Their next tournament is on the 7th April.

Watch out for an email soon where we will be encouraging involvement in polo and our other competitive disciplines.

Jun 18

We had another brilliant day on Sunday 18th June in temperatures of 29 Degrees C, so a really “well done” to all those paddlers who supported our club Polo and 100m sprint

Thanks as always to the coaches and volunteers who set up the polo pitch and helped with catering and timekeeping etc.

You can now view and download all our photos from our Club Polo and 100m Sprint (you don’t need Facebook).
For photos of the Canoe Polo click here
For photos of the 100m sprint click here

Some of our members have twice visited the Tees Barrage recently as a group of friends. Here is a selection of photos taken by Steve Burnett. you can see them by clicking here

All photos can also be viewed commented on at our Facebook page.

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Jun 26
First Place, The Green Team:
Sam, Shaun (Captain), Kristian, James and Matt. Not in the photo is Dan.
Second Place, The Blue Team:
Jack, Mikey, Ben (Captain), Tom and Maddie. Not in the photo is Jamelia.
Third Place, The Black Team:
Tom, Matt, Chris, Izzy and Rob (Captain)


Sunday was our club polo tournament. Thanks to all our paddlers who participated and to the coaches and helpers who made it a great day.

Photos can be viewed by clicking here

All photos can also be viewed on our Facebook page.

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Oct 28
  • Caitlin Marley gains promotion in last Slalom race of the year!

  • New Polo season begins


Caitlin Marley (Age 12, pictured above) has gained promotion to K1W division 2 (K1W stands for: Kayak-one person-Women) of the UK national slalom league after winning her last race of the season at Stone last weekend. To get promotion, you have to gain 4150 points over 5 qualifying races or win three races, and Caitlin finished with 4426 points, finishing 13th out of 110 paddlers in division 3. And Division 3 includes all age groups, including Seniors and Masters! In her age class (J12) which includes all divisions, Caitlin is ranked 15th.

At the Stone slalom last weekend, in the first run on Saturday Caitlin finished second with 947 points, which wasn’t quite enough to gain promotion, so the pressure was on for the last runs of the season the following day, but Caitlin went one better to win overall for 1000 points.
For Saturday’s results click here
and for Sunday’s results click here

Caitlin is not our only slalom paddler who has tasted promotion this season. Frazer Doyle was promoted to Division 3 at a slalom event at Tanfield in September and Koren Doyle, Owen Kelly and Sam Kelly were promoted to Division 3 at Howsham Weir in July. And lets not forget Ellie Beedham, in J10, winning her event at Howsham, but not competing in enough qualifying events to gain promotion. Finally our slalom rep, Neil Marley, competed in division 2 this season and will be ranked 39 next season. So well done to all our slalom paddlers!

If you are interested in competing in Slalom visit the Canoe Slalom UK website by clicking here, and why not go to one of the winter training sessions listed below? If you have been to Tanfield (River Ure, Sleningford Mill) with us than you are eligible to go to any of these:


28 November 2015
Yorkshire Slalom Training – Oughtibridge

27 December 2015

Yorkshire Slalom Training – Wagon Lane

17 January 2016

Yorkshire Slalom Training – Matlock

31 January 2016
Yorkshire Slalom Training – Tees

14 February 2016
Yorkshire Slalom Training – Sowerby Bridge

28 March 2016

Yorkshire Slalom Training – Grandtully

For more details, contact Neil Marley, our Slalom rep.


It is the Canoe Polo season again and this year we have one team, G&S Anchovies, entered in division three of the Yorkshire league. There are several tournaments through the winter, held at Yearsley pool in York. At each tournament there are 5 or 6 teams who play each other throughout the evening

A squad is eight paddlers and a team consists of five paddlers on the pitch, with up to three substitutes. Our team at the most recent tournament is pictured above, and is (from left to right): James Wilson, Matt Millington, Mikey Thornber, Dan Walker (our Disciplines Rep) and Aaron Wright. Not pictures are Tom Kerr (captain), Lui Wright and Owen Kelly.

Our team have played two tournaments so far, winning two and losing three in the first, and winning two and losing two in the second, so a good start considering the team has two new players (Matt and Mikey) and Mikey is making his polo league debut this season. The other players are a mixture of players from the two teams we had last season.

There are teams from Sheffield and Leeds universities, and Hull, Leeds, Pennine, Wharf and Manvers clubs. As there are too many teams in the league for them all to play in one night, not every team plays at every tournament. At the end of the year, every team will have played each other and as with most leagues, the team with the most points wins and gains promotion.

The next tournament the Anchovies are playing in is 9th January 2016 at 5:00pm in York and you are welcome to go along and watch and support our team.

If you are interested in playing polo, contact our disciplines rep, Dan Walker, for more information, and want to find out more about Canoe Polo, click here.

Jul 12

Club polo and fun day

Apr 12

Our Polo team’s success is featured in this weeks Scunthorpe Telegraph:

Anchovies Div 3 Winners 2015

Nov 24

Intermediate Moving Water Trip:

There will be a moving water trip on either the 27th or 28th December. We are not sure where this will be yet as we need to assess the river levels nearer the date.

This trip will not be suitable for everyone and is not for paddlers who have not done any moving water before. For those not able to attend, further trips of varying abilities will be organised in the new year.

If you require any further information please ask on our Facebook page or speak to Julian Selby or Neil Marley at the pool on a Saturday evening.

Anchovies Polo Results:

Dan Walker reports of an awesome night of polo last Saturday, 22nd November,  with a new top goal scorer high for Lui Wright and first 2 goals for Stacey Wilson. Everyone else played brilliantly too and as a result we won all 5 games, well done!!

Lui celebrates his goal tally in style!

Jul 10

Photos from Hull International Polo can now be viewed in our photo gallery, and downloaded if required.

For the Warriors, click here

for the Stingrays, click here

For the Dream Team, click here

Photos can also be viewed on our computer in the boathouse.

May 20

Photos from recent Polo tournaments can now be viewed full screen in our gallery.

For the tournament at Roundhay Park, Leeds on 17 May, click here.

For album 1 of photos from our club polo tournament on Sunday 18 May, click here.

For album 2 of photos from our club polo tournament on Sunday 18 May, click here.

For album 3 of photos from our club polo tournament on Sunday 18 May, click here.

For a photo of the GB U21 B squad in Belgium, featuring our own Shaun Burnett (No 6) and Ben Havercroft (No 4), click here.