Nov 19
You may have read in a previous email that we have shown Andrew Percy MP and leader of North Lincolnshire Council, Rob Waltham MBE, a presentation of our River Ancholme Improvement Project. 

We are please to announce that this presentation is now available for you to download. The River Ancholme Improvement Project. 
is part of our Club Development Plan passed by the members at the AGM in 2016. The Sport England grant for the eight marathon boats we saw on Saturday is the first part of the plan to come to fruition.

This presentation has taken a long time to prepare, with us getting two quotes for almost every section, but nothing you will read in the presentation is cast in stone and therefore is subject to change or revision. No doubt some of you will have other ideas or suggestions and we can have further discussions when funding is secured.

We are pleased to say that both Andrew and Rob were very impressed with our plans, and as Andrew said in his Instagram post “We have both committed to help support their growth plans”. This is very encouraging, but of course no funding is secured as yet. You will see in the presentation that we have identified several possible benefactors and some early talks with them have begun. Please respect the confidential nature of these talks.

If anyone has any other contacts or ideas as to how to raise the significant amount we need, please contact our fundraising officer Zandra Holden, at

Details of how to download the presentation can be found at the end of this email.
So how did this all start…….At our AGM in 2016 the members passed a motion to implement a Club Development Plan to move the club forward in a new direction. The reason behind this was in the recent years prior to 2016 the clubs activities had been predominantly British Canoeing Star and Paddlepower awards, white water recreational paddling and canoe polo. Due to changes in law regarding culpabiltiy and in coaching levels and ratios on whitewater, it became more difficult to run as many whitewater trips as we used to. This resulted in members (especially the younger ones) getting bored with just doing awards every week, so we would lose a lot of members every year.

We also needed to find ways to attract more people of all ages (though our younger members of the community are always a priority target) to want to start kayaking and canoeing

The Club Development Plan set to address these problem by offering our new and existing members coaching in the competitive disciplines of sprint racing. marathon racing, slalom racing and canoe polo. To do this effectively you need three elements;

  1. Qualified coaches
  2. The correct equipment
  3. A suitable venue to train in

The club has started addressing the first by paying to get six of our coaches trained during August 2016 to teach marathon racing . The second we have started addressing with the Sport England grant that has enabled us to purchase the eight marathon boats you may have seen on Saturday, and the third will be addressed by the implementation of the River Development Plan.

Under the guidance and drive of our coaching officer, Neil Marley, we embarked on a campaign during 2017 to get paddlers racing in marathon and slalom, using the fleet of old boats that we currently have. We started specific discipline training on Tuesday evenings in the summer after the regular “awards” session and we stared winter fitness training for the first time during the winter of 2016/17 to increase the fitness and stamina of our paddlers.

The problems with old boats was more noticeable with marathon than slalom as our adult marathon boats are quite unstable and put beginners off, so we decided that marathon would be the first discipline to get new boats if we could secure the funds.

In the meantime, we have had a very successful year in 2017 with our old boats. We had several promotions in the slalom leagues and in marathon we won the Yorkshire Region Hasler league, which qualified us to paddle in the finals in London. This was despite the over 12′s to adults age range having to struggle with our old boats with them being too unstable, resulting in some  paddlers using slow but stable general purpose boats. We still had successes in division 9, getting some paddlers promoted to division 8.

There is still much to do. We need similar amounts as we got for the marathon boats to upgrade our slalom and polo boats (£10K at a time), and as you will see in the presentation, the river improvement plan will cost a substantial amount of money.

You can download our River Ancholme Improvement Project from the Downloads button on the bottom menu bar of our website, or by clicking here.

Nov 19

The Leisure Centre do not mind us using the small pool for swimming before and after pool kayak sessions on Saturday evenings.

However, we have been asked by Leisure Centre staff to advise everyone that tee shirts and shorts are NOT allowed in the small pool. The concession we have to wear tee shirts and shorts is only for kayak sessions in the large pool.

Tee shirts and shorts are still to be worn during GSCC kayak sessions in the large pool.

Nov 19

There is NO night training this Thursday 23rd November as we are attending the Community Champion Awards ceremony. We WILL be training Tuesday 21st as normal.

Nov 19

A video of the unveiling speeches from our marathon boat unveiling can be seen by clicking here. The sound is not good at times but you can hear most of it.

You can also read Andrew Percy’s comments on his Instagram page by clicking here. His comment “We have both committed to help support their growth plans” is referring to a private presentation Iain and I gave to Andrew and Rob after the event had finished yesterday.of our proposed River Improvement Project which is part of our Club Development Plan approved by members at our AGM. We now have all the costings in for the project and are commencing fundraising. An update with more details of our plans will be released soon.

Nov 19

Xmas Raffle

It was suggested at a recent committee meeting to a have a charity raffle during our Xmas party. It was decided that the air ambulance would be a fitting recipient due to it being called to assist a rower from the our neighbouring rowing club in Brigg during an event where we provided safety cover. If you would like to donate any items for the raffle please bring them to the pool on Saturday evening or to the boathouse on a Tuesday or Thursday evening at 6:00pm

Community Champion Awards

Tickets are still available to watch us at the North Lincolnshire Champion Awards at the Baths Hall on Thursday 23rd November. They are £5 each and are available from the venue 0844 8542776 or at

We have two nominations, the club itself for a sports team award and Neil Marley for a coaching award. The club will be represented by Iain Cameron, Steve Burnett and Martin Heywood, and or course Neil will be there too.

Nov 18
We had a great marathon boat unveiling day today! Thanks to Andrew Percy MP and Rob Waltham MBE for doing the honours, and thanks to all the club members who attended to watch. Below are many of our younger paddlers with Andrew and Rob and a few club officials and coaches.

To see all today’s photos click here

Nov 17

New Marathon Boat Unveiling

click here

Equipment Policy 2017

click here

Kit for Xmas and Xmas Party Tickets

click here

Nov 17

Last chance to order your club Merchandise for xmas delivery!

Your last chance is Saturday 18th November during the pool session. Vicky will be there all night to take your orders.

Xmas Party Tickets!

You can still get Xmas party tickets. The party is the 1st December. Tickets are available from the pool on Saturday nights, but if you can’t make it to the pool we will accept email/Facebook orders, but please, please make sure you pay for them!! you can pay on the night or send a cheque to us c/o Ancholme Leisure Centre. Tickets are £7 per person.

Nov 17

As the club moves forward into a new exciting phase with the recent delivery of £10,000 worth of new marathon boats, the Management Committee have approved the release of a new Equipment Policy 2017. This can be downloaded by clicking here. You can also browse to it on our website by clicking on the Downloads button on the bottom menu bar and clicking on Club Policies, and a copy is also available to read in the boathouse.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure fair use of all club equipment, not just the new marathon boats. Please take the time to read it.

We have also added a new risk assessment for the new night training. This is also available to read in the boathouse.

Finally, we are producing marathon training record sheets to monitor peoples progress and to assist us in assessing a paddlers suitability to begin marathon training. these will be maintained by Neil Marley  More details to follow soon or contact Neil Marley for more information.

Nov 17
  • Andrew Percy and Rob Waltham will unveil our new marathon boats tomorrow at 10:30am!

  • Hasler Marathon team, bring your club vests for a photo!

  • Everyone else join in for a big group photo!

  • Refreshments!

  • And perhaps have a go in one!

(subject to weather and water levels permitting, and compliance with our new Equipment Policy 2017)

Andrew Percy MP, Member of Parliament for Brigg, and Councillor Rob Waltham MBE, Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, will be publicly unveiling our new feet or marathon boats on Saturday 18th November at 10:30am outside our boathouse.

You are invited to come to the boathouse on Saturday morning to witness the unveiling. The boats were funded thanks to a £10,000 grant from Sport England, which is funded by the government and the National Lottery, and it is important that we can show Sport England that we are getting as much publicity as we can. The Scunthorpe Telegraph have promised to cover the event.

If you can come down it would be much appreciated. We hope to get as many people as possible in the photographs, and we intend to have the Hasler marathon squad in their club vests.

Refreshments will be provided, and weather permitting we may get on the water for a paddle.

We hope to see you on Saturday morning!!