We Have Re-opened!

Dear Member

The Committee do hope that you all well and are ready to get back to paddling as a club.

GSCC’s Committee have over the lock down constantly reviewed the guidance and now are in the position to start to open up the club in a controlled manner.

From Thursday 16th July we will be offering limited sessions to more experienced paddlers and only to those who are over the age of 8

From  Tuesday 21st July we will be offering a limited number Marathon training session to experienced paddlers at this time

Both sessions will be meet from 18:00hrs and be on the water for 18:30hrs.

Bookings can be made via Gail Shoulder and the contact details are below

It is not business as usual due to the restriction we have to work with. We have prepared the following Covid -19 Operational Plan, this informs you how we are to run the club and what our expectations of members attending the club will be. This will be in place for the foreseeable future,  where necessary it will be reviewed and updated in line with any changes to the guidance, copies are also in the Boathouse

On behalf of the Committee, stay safe and we look to see you back on the water very soon

Kind Regards

Iain Cameron



COVID 19 OPERATING INSTRUCTION July 2020 (click here to download this document)

All Government guidance shall be followed

No one shall attend Glanford and Scunthorpe Canoe Club Ltd, if you or members of your family are showing any symptoms of COVID 19 or where you have been advised to self-isolate


When parking, do so to allow for social distancing when getting in and out of your vehicle, including allowing space to off load equipment. If you do not park appropriately you will be asked to move


Before entering and leaving the boathouse and before handling any equipment, wash your hands or use your own sanitiser or the sanitiser provided

Regular cleaning of areas frequently contacted such as door handles will be carried out

Changing and toilet facilities

There is no access to changing or toilet facilities. Please come dressed to paddle and remember a spare set of clothes. The boathouse is in a public area, and for Safeguarding and decency, any changing taking place shall be discrete and there will be no naked changing.

Social distancing

Shall always be maintained as per the guidance. Where this cannot be achieved, then 1m plus mitigation, mitigation being for example, face mask, a physical barrier/screen and by limiting numbers. 

Groups of 6 can meet up to a maximum of 30 people including participants, coaches and committee. This is to be managed by all attendee’s on and off the water and will overseen by the Committee and coaches. Anyone who persistently does not comply with the guidance will be politely asked to leave.

Social distancing in an Emergency

Where a hands on rescue has taken place and the social distance guidance is breached then please record the incident and send to safety@gscc-online.com

If you show any symptoms of COVID 19 follow Government guidance and report to


In the event of a Fire

Raise the alarm, leave the building, muster at the rear of the car park, always maintain a social distance.

Boathouse access

The boathouse can accommodate 10 people when socially distanced as per the guidance and as detailed below

Race boat bay – 2 People

Main Bay including bookings area – 8 people

Changing areas remain closed


Booking a place can be made via email, phone call 07759 623258 or social media message to the booking’s officer, no booking is confirmed until you receive notice that a place has been secured

Payment is to be made in the usual way. Please have the exact amount to minimise handling of money. 

The booking desk is screened to separate both parties. Only one person to approach the booking in desk and only when indicated to do so


Test and Trace

As per the guidance, a written record of who is attending will be kept for 21 days. This will include the date of the session and names of individuals attending. The information will be used to assist in Test and Trace where this becomes necessary. When requested by the appropriate authority, the membership officer will then pass the relevant information to them.


All club equipment will be available for use subject to meeting the guidance

Before selecting any equipment, sanitise your hands

Cleaning materials will be available for you to use should you wish, please dispose of waste in the bin provided

Used Canoes, Kayaks and Sups will be identified with a coloured tag Brown for a Tuesday session and white for a Thursday, any boat with a label on it shall not be taken

Select your boat and paddle, where possible take these to the riverbank. Where necessary, carry the boat with a member of your household. Where this is not possible, then both parties facing forward will lift and carry the boat and move to your meeting location, do not obstruct the access to the jetty.

On the Jetty maintain social distancing

You will have to get in and out of your boat without assistance from others.

If you have selected the wrong equipment please return the paddle or buoyancy aid to the used area, if it is the wrong boat, please fasten a label to the grab handle or drain plug and return it to the racking

After use, attach a label to the grab handle or drain plug, return your boat to the rack ensuring the label is visible, do not touch any other boat.

Return your paddle to the rack which is marked “Used on Tuesday” or “Used on Thursday”, where possible do not touch any other.

Return your buoyancy aid to the rack marked “Used on Tuesday” or “Used on Thursday” where possible do not touch any other

All used equipment will be isolated for 7 days. A committee member or coach will remove the labels after 7 days.

Where you have used your personal equipment, please ensure you follow British Canoeing’s guidance for cleaning your boat, paddle and buoyancy aid before re using.

Coaches equipment that is left in the boathouse, after being used, please fasten a label to it and write the date it was used on the label. This is to ensure no one else touches or uses it before the 7 days isolation period has passed. At this time, personal equipment is only to be used by the owner, unless that person agrees otherwise.


The maximum ratio is five candidates to one Coach, a total Six people in one group and maintain social distancing as per the guidance

The club has foreseen issues where social distancing cannot be maintained; these are listed below. This is not limited to these scenarios; please highlight any areas that are not covered below to Safety@gscc-online.com and or to the Chair@gscc-online.com

  1. Marathon/ Sprint Training

Multi occupancy K2 or C2 is not permitted, unless the paddlers are of the same household.

  1. Canoe

Multi occupancy Canoes are not permitted unless the paddlers are of the same household.

  1. Katakanu

Multi occupancy is not permitted unless the paddlers are of the same household.

  1. New Paddlers, at this time we will not be offering coaching to inexperienced paddlers

Anyone that has paddled previously with another club shall hold a British Canoeing One Star, Passport, Paddle Discover award or demonstrate competency.


To be phased in.