Still Time to Take the Post Lockdown Challenge.

Before the weeds move in!

Post Lockdown Time Trial Challenge

Remember the challenge is open to anyone in any type of boat – K1; K2; C2; Slalom; Canadian; SUP; Polo, Squirt or even coracle.

The weed is increasing rapidly but the town circuit is still paddleable without too many problems. So get down there and give it a go.

Currently Sue and Graham hold the C2 record – the only entrants

K1 times are Graham 33:07; Andrew Lawson 33:29 and Sue 37:36 (over 2 minutes faster than Sunday)

Today Sue and I took our K1 Cougar (stability 2) down to the river and were pleasantly surprised that we could both paddle it.

Its been hung up in our garage for the last 15 years because  we thought we couldn’t hack it.

As a result we have decided to get rid of the white K1 which you may have seen at the club.  This is faster than a Pulsar but more stable than a Tor.

It is well worn but still fully functional and would be an ideal starter boat especially for a smaller adult paddler or junior.

We are open to offers!

In the meantime

Get out and enjoy the lovely weather while it lasts.